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Cruising through Paradise continued: Heather and Barry visit Moorea and Bora Bora aboard the Princess Cruise Ship Dawn Princess


Join Heather and Barry Minton as their Princess Cruise Ship visits the Polynesian Islands of Moorea and Bora Bora



Whereas the islands of Tonga were rather flat and only a few metres above sea level, our first view of the Polynesian island of Moorea (51 sq.miles) in the early morning took our breath away.  Of all the beautiful islands we visited, this was the most spectacular.

Moorea from ship

After being greeted once again at the dock with music and song we boarded our tour bus to explore the island.  The views from the Kia Ora Lookout were breathtaking.  The peak in the centre of this photograph (Mt. Mouaroa) is the one used in the movie musical ‘South Pacific’ – ‘Bali Hai’.

Peaks from lookout

As we traversed the island each bay seemed more beautiful than the one before!


The tourist industry in French Polynesia is very strong and there were a number of resorts available with accommodation being huts on stilts in the lagoon – unusual, very luxurious and with easy access for all kinds of water sports!



Compared to Tahiti and Moorea, Bora Bora was very small, only (15 square miles). a mountain looming out of the sea with the residents clinging to a narrow strip of land around the edge. It is completely surrounded by reefs and coral cays.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora.

It was a very warm day and this fisherman only had water and a little shade to keep his catch cool!



Our tour took us to more beautiful beaches.......

 Bora Bora.

As in many of the places we visited our tour bus was not luxurious. It had wooden seats, no air conditioning and no glazed windows - although this is only a problem if it rains as the weather is warm and humid.  Our driver/guide Enuee was great fun.  She spoke excellent English and was very informative about their lifestyle and culture.

Enuee and Barry beside Tour Bus

Cruising Through Paradise continues: the next ports of call on this Magic Carpet are The Hawaiian Islands 


Story and pictures by Heather and Barry Minton


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