Quebec City Puts on a Great Party

Quebec City's TMAC is visited by Magic Carpet Journals - Continued  Part (2)

Aznan Suliman, of Tourism Malaysia, greeted everyone bright and early the next morning. Malaysia hosted our first breakfast. The short presentation about their interesting country brought back fond memories of my visit there and made me yearn to go back again. This is Aznanís last year in Canada. He is returning home to Malaysia, with his family, at the end of March after seven years in Canada. We will miss him, but wish him and his family all the best upon their return to their homeland.

Mr. Jean-Paul LíAllier, Mayor of Quebec, greeted TMAC and welcomed us to his city. Immediately following his greeting, our Media Marketplace began. This year, appointments had been arranged prior to our arrival, thus enabling each of us to meet our goals. The session went quickly. By noon my voice was wearing out!


Taubmanís World Class Shopping (USA) treated us to lunch. Among other door prizes given out, Andy Shaw won the big one - a gift certificate good at Taubman's.   Now Lynn is trying to figure out how to spend it at a shopping centre in the USA!

During the afternoon we had the choice of a motor coach tour or taking in the Carnival attractions on the Plains of Abraham. As I had previously done the Plains of Abraham, the coach tour attracted me. A ride around some of the Old Town and then on to the 1912 Hotel Dominion. We were greeted in the chic lobby of this old hotel by their media representative. The hotel is one of a new trend towards boutique hotels; smaller and more tailored to the needs of the individual guest. In some cases, regular guests even leave a wardrobe at the hotel, safely awaiting  their next visit to the city.



In the City and on the Plains of Abraham artists create wonderful ice sculptures for the pleasure of visitors to Carnival.  Most of these marvellous creations suddenly appear during the 'Night of the Long Knives' when artists, from around the world, work through the night to finish their ice creations.  


Courtesy of Ursula Maxwell Lewis

Ursula went off to see the Plains of Abraham.  She soon discovered that the whole family turns up when it is time to play in this historical battle field.  


Courtesy of Ursula Maxwell Lewis


Photos courtesy of Ursula Maxwell Lewis

Meeting again in the Hilton lobby at 4:30, we find a group of musicians prepared to amuse us not only as we wait, but to split up and come onto the buses also. As we ride out into the country our musician tries to teach us one part of a harmonic exercise to be put together later.

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