TMAC attends Quebec City's Carnival

Quebec City's TMAC is visited by Magic Carpet Journals  - Continued  Part (3)



Approximately forty minutes later the bus pulls up at the Ice Hotel. Large puffy snow flakes gently fall around us as we emerge from the bus. Each flake catches the light from the spotlights shining onto the front of the hotel, making it quite a beautiful winter scene.  Much to our surprise we discover that an ice sculpture prominently displayed beside the entrance, has the large letters, "TMAC" carved for all to see!  Our choral leaders lead the assembled group in singing our various parts of the harmony.  We definitely will not make the short list for performers in the Summer Festival.   

 Entering the hotel, we are met by waiters offering us ice tumblers containing shots of Absolut Vodka, which surprisingly goes down quite smoothly and really does warm the cockles of your heart. One must keep your gloves on while drinking it! The large lobby quite easily absorbs our whole group. Trays of goodies are served by the warmly dressed staff. 

Photo courtesy of Ursula Maxwell Lewis


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