TMAC attends Quebec City's Carnival

Magic Carpet Journals visits Quebec City's TMAC  - Continued  Part (4)

We all moved out onto the patio, located in the middle of the hotel. A hot tub was steaming in the corner. Again we all stood gazing up at the large white flakes falling about us. Suddenly the walls of the hotel around the patio, begin to hiss and within seconds became ablaze with a brilliant orange-red glow.  The heavens lit up as a fireworks display began. 


Photo courtesy of Ursula Maxwell Lewis                             

Fireworks and snow are a marvelous combination, the snow reflecting the multitude of lights into the night sky. Quite an enchanting winter wonderland! A tour of the hotel with its ice sculpture and the ice furniture appointing the various guest rooms, the theatre, the chapel, led part of our group to try out the lounges and beds.  ( Bed partners were chosen by happenstance and no tenure was involved.) 




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