TMAC Attends Quebec City's Carnival

Magic Carpet Journals visits Quebec City's TMAC - Part (8)



Our Closing Night Gala Awards Dinner and New France evening was held at the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. Louis de Buade, Comte de Frontenac greeted everyone in true seventeenth century style. A sumptuous seven-course dinner was served in the elegant ballroom under chandeliers that could grace the most palatial castle. The guest speaker of the evening was Mr. Roger Wheelock of the Canadian Tourism Commission. He had good news for Canadian travel writers, telling us that the CTC was planning on implementing programmes to assist Canadian travel writers to gain easier access to travel within the country. Following the guest speaker, the awards ceremonies began. It is good to see that each year these awards lists grow. A frontier auction took place after the ceremonies. Things got rather wild and woolie until Trish and her tribe won the bidding and took the first prize.


Photo courtesy  of Ursula Maxwell Lewis

As the evening wound down I began to work my way around the hall saying my goodbyes to some of my friends for another year. Unfortunately there was not time to have a word with each and everyone. I look forward to next year when many of us will meet again.


In the meantime, I know Richard Seguin and his people pulled out all stops in order to put on the best party yet, but can anyone tell me how he arranged to have it snow on cue as we arrived at the Ice Hotel?


Journal by  M. Maxine George

Pictures unless otherwise noted are by  M. Maxine George 

Contributing photographers:  

Ursula Maxwell-Lewis


Jeff & Cathy Lukovich


*Obviously other photographers took the pictures in which I am included.  I can recall Ursula Maxwell-Lewis, Evelyn Hannon and Wendy Lindsay doing me the favour.  If anyone else deserves credit, would you please let me know so that I can correct the omission of your name.   mmg

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