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Magic Carpet Journals introduces Heather and Barry Minton,  whose exclusive story of their adventure to

the Wilderness of Northern Australia is told in this feature length article.

Kimberley Wilderness Adventure in Australia


Duncombe Bay, Norfolk Island    Photo by Barry and Heather Minton

  Heather and Barry Minton have another adventure to share with you

Norfolk Island, a gem in the South Pacific with a connection to the Mutiny on the Bounty


Cairns Marina, North Queensland.    Photo by Heather and Barry Minton

  Tropical North Queensland Australia Beckons to the Minton Family


    A Visit to the William Ricketts Sanctuary on Australia's Mt. Dandenong


   Explore Australia's Murray River with the Mintons


Australia's Infamous Outlaw, Ned Kelly

A bushranger, horse thief, bank robber,  accused murderer, and folk hero

 still remembered in Victoria, the area known as "Ned Kelly Country."



The Mintons board their cruise ship docked in Sydney, Australia to go

Cruising Through Paradise on the 'Dawn Princess'


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