Impressions of India

Magic Carpet Journals explores the diverse cultures of India in these stories

with visits to Calcutta, Mumbai, then India's Golden Triangle, the temples of Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark

Also visiting Channai, Mamallapuram, Kanchipuram, and onto Puducherry




      Echoes of Past Splendour  India's Golconda Fort

       Live Your Fantasy - Visit India's Incredible Forts and Palaces

           The "Wallah's of Mumbai (formerly Bombay, India)

         Shillong: India's Secluded Shangri-La

         The Kaleidoscope Called Calcutta

         Touring the Temples in India's Golden Triangle

        History's Ghosts in Old Lucknow India

Diversity Adds Allure to Tamil Nadu India -

Mumbai's Outdoor laundry:  Photo courtesy of Margaret Deefholts


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