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The Welsh "Giants of the North"

A Feature length story -  Owain Glyndwr and Harlech Castle




 Plas Newydd and the Legacy of the Ladies of Llangollen


Caerleon, a Roman Amphitheatre in Wales




Hunting for Ghosts and Legends in Wales

We visit Tintern Abbey, Queen's Head Hotel, Skirrid Inn, Raglan Castle.

Nanteos Mansion, Dolserau Hall,  Portmeirion, Gwydir Castle,  Bodysgallen Hall, Brynafon Rhyader or The Old Workhouse in our quest for ghosts and legends in Wales

Articles and pictures by M. Maxine George


When the opportunity to go on a “Ghosts and Legends” tour in Wales arrived, I jumped at the chance.  It sounded like a fascinating chance to visit some unusual places and hear their legendary stories.  With so much history in the land, and so many ancient buildings which could have been imprinted with the events that had taken place within them over the years, I expected there would be a wild assortment of haunting tales abounding throughout the country.  I went looking for those spooky stories.  Ghosts and Legends of Wales held the promise of being a very haunting tour! 




Tintern Abbey                                                      Queen's Head Hotel 



The Skirrid Inn                                                       Raglan Castle


Port Meirion, Wales       Photo by M. Maxine George         







    Portmeirion                                              Dolserau Hall










        Nanteos Mansion                                   Brynafon Country House Hotel  



Gwydir Castle                                                    Bodysgallen Hall




Gwydir Castle: One Couple's Dream Come True


  Ghosts and Legends:  An Unexpected Turn of Events at Bodysgallen Hall


 Plas Newydd and the Legacy of the Ladies of Llangollen








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