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The Batu Caves of Malaysia

This Magic Carpet Journal Joins Maxine as she climbs to Malaysia’s Batu Caves, home of a Hindu Temple and a family of long-tailed macaques.

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Switzerland’s Graubünden

Magic Carpet Journals invites you to join Alison Appelbe as she visits Graubünden, Switzerland where their history dates back to the days of the Romans.

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The Emperor’s Treasures

Magic Carpet Journals takes you to Taiwan looking for the treasures of the Emperors who lived in the Imperial Palace in China’s Forbidden City.

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The Curse of King Tut Examined

For those who are interested in the tales of the “Curse of King Tut” I will pass on this story. At the conclusion of my tour, I was told this story by someone who had studied it. This is what she told me.

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Dog Sledding in Quebec

A team of beautiful Malamute dogs give Magic Carpet Journals the ride of a lifetime, a never to be forgotten adventure – a dog sled ride in Quebec’s wilderness!

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