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Ghosts and Legends in Wales - Dolserau Hall

The tranquil Dolserau Hall, a  former Victorian country house,  within  Snowdonia National Park,  has its own ghost.

Story and pictures by M. Maxine George


Dolserau Hall, Dollgellau, Wales    Photo by M. Maxine George  


A late afternoon drive through Snowdonia National Park brought us to Dolserau Hall, a lovely country hotel in North Wales.  A former Victorian country home, the heritage building has been renovated very tastefully.  We stopped there for dinner and to spend the night.  My room was a very pretty room, beautifully decorated in earth tones, with coral and black.   Dolserau is in the Snowdonia National Park, a mountainous area, slower to recover from the cold winter Wales had just experienced.  I enjoyed looking out the large window in my room, that looked out onto the parkland.




Note the view of Snowdonia National Park from my room at Dolserau Hall, Dolgellau, Wales    Photo by M. Maxine George


When I went down  the next morning for breakfast, I discovered an outstanding fruit buffet as I went into the dining room.  After an excellent breakfast my friends and I met the manager, Tim Langdon, who asked us, “Who slept in Room 14 last night?  That is the haunted room.”  He told us “The ghost is a young woman in a plain dress, thought to have once been a member of the staff.   The lady only appears in the room in the daytime - maybe once or twice a year.”   Another couple of our friends had occupied that room.  When they came down we all excitedly asked, “Did you have any visitors last night?  “No. Why?” they replied.  They were surprised when we repeated what we had been told.  They immediately expressed the wish that they had known in advance about the haunting.  I suspect they would have sat up all night waiting for the ghostly lady to appear! 



The manager, Tim Langdon and his canine friend at Dolcereau Hall, North Wales





Each day of our tour had been spent exploring legendary haunted places.  It was early March and the weather was still crisp and sometimes windy, but my friends and I all were dressed warmly, so the weather did not cast a chill on our enthusiasm.  We stopped at a different hotel every night.  Each evening we all gathered together in the lounge to relax after a leisurely dinner, while our guide, David Thompson told us ghost stories or debunked some of the legends we had heard.  It was an enjoyable way to end a fascinating day of exploration through this picturesque, but rugged country.


A gathering of Canadians in Dolserau Hall, Dolgellau.   Photo by M. Maxine George





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Story and pictures by M. Maxine George

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