Quebec Quebec City Puts on a Great Party

Join Maxine George as Magic Carpet  Journals takes you along to Quebec City's Carnival with The Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC)


    Bonhomme's Float   

 Canadian Float  

My previous experience with Quebec’s winter Carnival left me with no doubt that everybody who attended the Travel Media Association of Canada  AGM, in Quebec City, would be in for a good time.

Richard Seguin, media account executive for Quebec City and Area Tourism and Convention Bureau, a fellow TMACer, was there to greet us as Ursula and I walked into the Hilton Hotel to register for the AGM. Once greetings were over, he informed us that we would have a very full schedule and reminded us to be sure to dress warmly (and carefully on my part,) for the evening’s outing. All points were well taken.

  Dave      Laura and Anthony 

Quebec’s Winter Carnival hosted an initial cocktail reception and informal buffet dinner, in the Panorama Room, to get the conference off to a running start. This gave us our first opportunity to greet our friends from across the country. One thing about travel writers, we are generally not a shy group! At 6:30 dressed in our warmest clothes - layers, layers and more layers - we were taken by bus to a night parade, out in one of the nearby townships. (Two townships have parades during Carnival.) A short walk through the snow took us to the grandstand. Colourful and imaginative floats soon passed our position. Night parades have the added beauty of including a multitude of little lights to add to their fascination. Coming from different climates, many of us were thankful we had been told to ‘dress warmly’. A distinct nip could be felt in the air. Partway through the parade, a van pulled up behind the grandstand and soon we were being warmed with tots of Cariboo, a hot wine and spirit drink, a favourite at Carnival.


Courtesy of Ursula Maxwell Lewis

Returning to the Hilton, we finished our evening off with some scrumptious deserts and coffee in the Panorama room, while being entertained by musicians playing some very toe-tapping renditions of old favorites. Bon Homme put in an appearance to welcome us all to Carnival. The party could have gone on all night, except that we all knew that breakfast was to begin promptly at 7:00 the next morning.


Courtesy of Ursula Maxwell Lewis                                           Courtesy of Ursula Maxwell Lewis              


Courtesy of Jeff Lukovich

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