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Ghosts and Legends in Wales: Raglan Castle

Ghost hunting leads us to a Welsh ghost who haunts the ruins of  Raglan Castle

Story and pictures by M. Maxine George


Raglan Castle, Wales




Raglan Castle was one of the last castles built in Wales.   It was built between 1435 and 1525.   Sir William ap Thomas, The Blue Knight of Gwent was responsible for building the Great Tower, known as the Tower of Gwent.   Not only was the majestic ruin a fascinating place to visit, it also had a unique ghost story of its own. 


   The Moat, Raglan Castle.   Photo by M. Maxine George



The castle once housed a marvelous library.  During the English Civil War, with a siege imminent, the castle librarian is thought to have hidden the books and valuable manuscripts in a secret passageway beneath the castle.  At the end of the siege, the library had been destroyed and none of the precious volumes were ever found again.  Visitors to Raglanís ruins have been known to see a Shakespearian type figure beckoning to them from an area above where the library once existed.  Most recently a terrified young girl ran out of the castle telling of a strange looking person who had been beckoning to her.  The ghostly spirit of the librarian is thought to still guard his hidden treasure.






The main entrance to Raglan Castle.   Photo by M. Maxine George 




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Story and pictures by M. Maxine George

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